Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Odds and Ends

Some random tidbits from the corners of my mind:

We Need to Talk About Kevin - a tremendously effective and masterfully controlled thriller and the best use of the color red since Suspiria.

Boss may just be the 2nd best show on tv right now (behind Breaking Bad of course), too bad no one's watching.

JESSE: "Vamanos."
SKYLER: "I wish..."

Two characters summed up beautifully in one off-handed exchange.  Brilliant writing from Breaking Bad.   Oh yeah - and one more from the same episode:

MIKE: "Shut the f--- up and let me die in peace."
Pretty much his entire state of mind for the last two seasons.

The exponential nature of the 'net: It took us 9 months to get our first 1,000 views of Enter the Dark on YouTube. It then took us just 7 days to get our next 3,000 views.  Now over 5,000 and counting! 

Somehow we got linked to this site - 1channel which is just a big linkfest to online video - some legit, some clearly ripped and bit-torrented, and now our short film has been propagated on multiple other sites.  The good news - from what I can tell, on all those other sites combined, we now have over 40,000 total views.  The bad news- we're getting absolutely no Google AdSense revenue from all those views - someone else is!  I'll choose to concentrate on the good news of all the exposure we're now getting.

Some cool documentaries I stumbled upon via Netflix:

If you're interested in mysteries, conspiracies, street art, or 2001, check out Resurrect Dead.

Do you have noisy neighbors, like to make crank phone calls or are you interested in what makes something art vs exploitation?  Be sure to check out SHUT UP LITTLE MAN!
But please... turn the sound down so you're not annoying the neighbors! 


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